The Controlled Healthcare Budget is built upon 4 principals:

1.   Immediately reduce the healthcare costs to the employer.

2.   Hold these costs steady for multiple years.

3.   Give better benefits to at least 91% of the employee’s.

4.   And, keep the other 9% happy with their group coverage.

The Controlled Healthcare Budget was created to bridge the gap between where you are with your healthcare plan and where you want to be.

Employers know that the best way to reduce their healthcare expenses is to build a healthier workforce. Employers also know that building this healthy workforce takes time.
For years employees have ranked healthcare as their number one benefit while employers rank escalating healthcare costs as their number one problem.

 How can the Controlled Healthcare Budget help today?

The Controlled Healthcare Budget is designed to include higher out-of-pocket health plans for employees that are supplemented with integrated Gap Benefits.  This Gap Benefit provides first dollar coverage offsetting all or portions of the increased out-of-pocket exposure to the majority of the covered population. 

The premiums on these plans with higher out-of-pocket costs save thousands for the employer-so much so that you still receive significant savings when the Gap Expense is added into the equation.

Offset out-of-pocket Expenses with the Controlled Healthcare Budget.

With the Controlled Healthcare Budget, your rates are reduced, held steady over a number of years and 91% of your workforce receives better coverage than they had with their previous plan.  During this time, you are able to work on building a healthier workforce and employees can work on creating a healthier lifestyle.  These two things will work toward reducing your healthcare costs long-term.

Call us at 866.544.8689 to schedule a free consultation with a licensed representative that can discuss your company healthcare goals with you and develop a plan to fit your needs and your budget. Our representatives are available from 8:30am - 5:30 pm EST to take your call and schedule a free informational appointment to discuss your company needs – there is no obligation.

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